Wishlist Wednesday: Vintage Décor


Here are some vintage home décor items that are pretty shnazzy:

Embroidered Mid Century Chrome Dining Chair from midcenturysidney on Etsy, Vintage Glass Chemist Bottles from GoodNorth on Etsy,  Mid Century Modern Coffee Table from studio1212furniture on Etsy, Set of Four Vintage Floral Mod Napkins from LingonberriesAndMoss on Etsy


Funny side note: (Well, I thought it was pretty funny)

The other day, at work, a lovely woman kindly came over to my desk to introduce herself. She seemed surprised, and said, “After reading your bio, I assumed you were an older woman!”  I laughed, and was pretty confused… and then I reread my “bio” (fun facts sort of thing):

“Caroline Aaron, our new email and print production assistant for the marketing and communications team, is a huge music buff, and she has the vinyl record collection to prove it. She mostly collects the records of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, and various jazz artists… She loves antique furniture and jewelry, classic films…”


HAHA, I actually sound like an elderly woman when put into writing.  Definitely 23 going on 80.
Not ashamed.


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