Cigar Box Planters

So, right on the corner by my apartment, there’s a cigar shop.

Aside from there constantly being a strong stench as you turn the corner, there are always some empty cigar boxes stacked outside the door that are for sale!

They charge only a couple bucks for each box, and I have found lots of great uses for them. I store some of my art supplies (such as my wooden stamps) in them, and love how they look. I also have one on my bookshelf with hundreds of photo prints sitting inside… my friends have a fun time flipping through them!


Most recently, I plopped some herb plants inside to keep on the kitchen counter for cooking. I am growing Basil, Cilantro and Rosemary! The Cilantro has gotten a bit scraggly and excited about growing… am going to have to use its leaves soon! But, to keep it in-check, I just stuck a couple wooden chopsticks in the soil to hold the stems upright.


I just love how it looks, especially against our brick wall!


My holiday cards!

I wanted to make holiday cards that would not only bring some cheer, but also be functional! So, I made cards that had a snowflake that can be used as an ornament or decoration! Here is how I made them…

What I used:
Red card stock
Brown (natural) envelopes
White stiff felt
White paint pen
Needle and thread
Martha Stewart bow hole punch

The cards I made for everyone at work at Anthropologie, and my roommate, Julie!

I cut out the snowflakes from white stiff felt, then sewed a twine loop to the top of each one.  Then, I stitched each snowflake to the card in the center, and tied a bow on the back (so that it can be removed). I then took a white paint pen and wrote a message for each person.  Next, I punched a bow-shaped hole through the top of the envelope, which reveals the red of the card on the outside!

Happy Holidays everyone! xo

DIY: Fabric bulletin board wall décor

This is a project that I am VERY excited about!
I thought my big open wall in my room could use some sprucing up, and I have lots of photo prints that I just had made on Shutterfly.  So, I decided to create something that would not only add some color and interest, but a place to display the photographs as well!

What you’ll need:
Cork tiles
Hot glue gun
Push pins
(Buttons optional)

I bought 2 packs of 4 cork tiles. I got them at a stationary store in my town, but you can also get them online, or at some art supply stores!

I then took several fabrics from home that have been used for different things throughout the years.  I like that each one (for the most part) has a memory attached to it… whether it be that the fabric is from old curtains that were once in my brother’s childhood bedroom, or a fabric my mom has had for years that I used to make small pillows out of when I was little.

I cut them to size, with just a little excess fabric on each side (1-2 in), so that they can be folded behind the cork board.  The nice thing about this is that the cutting does not have to be perfect, because it will be hidden!
I hot glued the edges down, and VOILA! A fabric-covered bulletin board!
As an extra little detail, I took flat push pins, and hot-glued some fun buttons on top.
I really love how they all turned out, and I think it looks really nice in my room!

Here are some close-ups of each board with some photos pinned to them… Another nice thing about these is that you can switch out photos as often as you’d like!

Thank you for reading! xo

DIY: Mistletoe

I have always loved hanging some mistletoe in a doorway during the holidays… We had a fake one last year at our house in Syracuse for our holiday party (gahh – I miss you, Cuse!) But anywhooo — I decided there had to be mistletoe in my apartment this year as well.

I made a felt mistletoe, that can be used year after year!

It was super easy, and I think the finished product is adorable!

First, I simply cut the above shapes out of felt.  I cut these from crafting felt I bought from an arts supply store a couple months ago, and it is probably my favorite felt I have ever used.  Great quality, and very organic colors.
I then hot glued the pieces together like so. (I think stitching them together would have worked very well, too!) I attached a loop of twine on top for easy hanging!
And… VOILA! A handcrafted mistletoe that can be used several times over!