Film Friday: (Getting Ready for) The Great Gatsby

This week… continuing the excitement and anticipation for The Great Gatsby!

Have you seen the Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby Collection/JAZZ AGE GLAMOUR pieces?!

Tiffany Gatsby Headpiece

Tiffany Gatsby Brooch

Tiffany Gatsby Ring

Tiffany Gatsby Ring

Tiffany Gatsby Hand Ornament

The collection is chic, elegant, and frosted with classic sparkling detail.

Tiffany Gatsby Daisy

Ugh. That headpiece. Do you think headpieces are appropriate nowadays? In the work place? … Just a casual $200,000 headpiece, ya know?? No biggie! hahaaa… If only.

The hand ornament is just so beautiful. I can’t wait to see these pieces in the film!


Film Friday: Silver Linings Playbook

I apologize in advance for the most brief film post of all time…

I had another movie in mind for this week, but because Silver Linings Playbook is on my mind…


I saw it last week with my sister Liz and my mom, and it was so much more than I expected. It is incredible.
It is complicated, touching, a bit uncomfortable, engaging, and absolutely hilarious.

I may or may not be seeing it again tonight.
… I am.

HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a wonderful weekend!

Film Friday: Away We Go

This week, I’d like to share one of my favorite movies of all time!

Away We Go is about a couple, Burt and Verona (John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph) who are about to have their first child.  They travel all over the US, visiting old friends and family. Throughout their journey, they observe how people raise their children, and they discover just how different family culture can be.

The film’s soundtrack almost exclusively features one of my favorite artists, Alexi Murdoch. Along with Alexi’s raw, beautiful voice, the imagery and story are equally as captivating. You will find yourself connecting with Burt and Verona, who have a “realness” to them that is incredibly charming.

Away We Go is both touching, and absolutely hilarious… You must see it!


Film Friday: Like Crazy

Like Crazy… captures exactly what it is like to be young, in love, and in a long-distance relationship.
The longing, the struggle, the complications.

The film is about a young English girl who falls in love while studying in America.  She overstays her visa, which soon forces them to be apart. There is a lot of back-and-forth in their relationship… from the UK, to the US; the emotions; the on-again, off-again…
But they can never fully free themselves of, well, them.  They will always love one another… like crazy.

It is beautifully shot, with a very compelling, strong score.  One of my favorite visuals is the “bed montage”, which depicts their summer together: mostly spent in bed.

Like Crazy won the Grand Jury Prize for “Best Picture” at the  2011 Sundance Film Festival.  Felicity Jones was awarded the Special Jury Prize for “Best Actress”.

I definitely recommend this film. It has become one of my favorites!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Peter Pan Collars

A recent obsession: Peter Pan collars!

Vintage-inspired, and ultra-feminine… I just can’t get enough!


Claudette Colbert wears a classic Peter Pan collared dress in It Happened One Night (1934).

Audrey (of course) makes the collar look so chic.

One of my personal favorites! (Modcloth)

I am planning on making my own Peter-Pan-Collar-Necklace to add to some of my favorite outfits!

What style trends are you fond of?!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

The Holiday

One of my favorite films.
It is absolutely beautiful in so many ways (although I am not a fan of Jack Black)
The score, the storyline… I ADORE it!
As Christmas quickly approaches, I can’t help but to watch it over and over again.


Here is my favorite scene, where Amanda (Diaz) meets Graham’s (Law) daughters for the first time:
The Holiday: Daughters Scene