Tunes Tuesday: Lorde



Nope, not “Royals”… though that song is fantastic.

She is freakin awesome.

… and so is her hair.


Tunes Tuesday: The Cinema

I couldn’t be happier to have discovered The Cinema… especially with the summer quickly approaching!!

The song that’s been making me toss my hair around a whole lot… normally in the privacy of my apartment, iiis…

(Okay, that’s not really true. It has also been in public. Just enjoying myself, ya know??)

Check it out, The Cinema – The Wolf.

Tunes Tuesday: Gatsby Soundtrack | Filter

Is anyone else impatiently counting down the days until the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby comes out?!

As the soundtrack for the film, (produced by Jay Z) continues to slowly be released, I can hardly contain myself.

The track I’m sharing today:

Filter: Happy Together

The Great Gatsby

You can expect many posts relating to the film in the coming weeks!