Tunes Tuesday: alt-J

SO freakin great.

Dissolve Me



Tunes Tuesday: The Cinema

I couldn’t be happier to have discovered The Cinema… especially with the summer quickly approaching!!

The song that’s been making me toss my hair around a whole lot… normally in the privacy of my apartment, iiis…

(Okay, that’s not really true. It has also been in public. Just enjoying myself, ya know??)

Check it out, The Cinema – The Wolf.

Tunes Tuesday: Lissie

Lissie is traditionally a folk artist, whom has made a few killer covers.

I have to thank my good friend Eric for showing this song to me, my brother, and our friends.

We had the time of our lives jamming out to this song last summer at the beach.

Lissie has also been featured in some great new house mixes, and some of her verses from this cover were recently featured in a rap song (hands on the wheeeeeel — couldn’t tell you the name of the song/artist).