Tunes Tuesday: Lorde



Nope, not “Royals”… though that song is fantastic.

She is freakin awesome.

… and so is her hair.


Tunes Tuesday: Get Lucky

In case you haven’t already played this out yourself…

New Daft Punk. Get Lucky, feat. Pharrell.

Just groovin’ to this jam, ya know?? Perfect tune for some Memorial Day weekend fun, am I right?

Tunes Tuesday: Stevie

Hey friends!

It has been a while (yet again) since I’ve posted, but I do intend in posting regularly again!
(We’ll see… haha)

This Tuesday, rather than sharing an artist, I thought I’d share my most-listened song over the past couple weeks. I was also listening to this constantly last winter, and it sort of reminds me of working at Anthropologie during the holidays… It was playing in the store a lot. The crowds at Rockefeller were not the most enjoyable, but it was always magical to be in the store during that time. (And dangerous, as I’d want to buy EVERYTHING!)

Here iiiis, “Stevie” by Lisa Mitchell!

Can you believe it’s already DECEMBER?! EEP!

Tunes Tuesday: Sucré

I discovered one of my new favorite artists, Sucré, on my favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess. Sucré is comprised of the wonderfully talented Stacy King, as well as her husband, Darren King, and Jeremy Larson (Husband of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess).

Photos taken by Elsie Larson.

Songs to check out:
Chemical Reaction
Say Something
When We Were Young

The whole album is incredible! Enjoy!

Tunes Tuesday: Bon Iver

For my birthday, I had gotten tickets to see Bon Iver at Radio City Music Hall!
I hadn’t been there since I was young for their Christmas show… such an amazing space.

The show was beyond incredible… Justin’s voice is, well, beautiful. The  stage set was stellar — burlap-like fabric hanging from the ceiling, with projections of nature scenes adorning them throughout the performance.  Between his voice, the projections, and lighting sequences… the whole experience was perfection.

I went with Abbitron (Abby) and it was definitely a great way to spend a Thursday night.

The day before the show, I had a good laugh while making “memes” of Bon Iver as an Italian. AKA Buono Iver…

I think I’m funny.

Translation: “I eat.”
Translation: “skinny love.”
Translation: “I love the rain.”

One of the most beautiful songs. One of my favorites.

Gah. Amazing.

Happy Tuesday!

Of Monsters & Men: Secret Concert

Just a few weeks ago, I went to Of Monsters and Men‘s “secret concert”; part of Intel and MTV’s Music Experiment.  The show was themed.  Probably the greatest theme possible.  The greatest.

1930s cirque! (gasp! applause!)

It was held in the breathtaking Angel Orensanz Center, New York’s oldest surviving synagogue.  The venue was perfectly lit, and the open bar wasn’t too shabby, either.  It wound up being the greatest concert experience I’ve had to date!

WATCH!: “Your Bones” live at the show! You can see Kristen and I for a couple quick seconds! (“quick” being the operative word)

Below: Instagram photos from Music Experiment’s website.

My photos from the night:

I hope everyone is having a great week!
I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday (early) with some friends tomorrow night!

What I’m Jamming to… RIGHT MEOW

Although it isn’t “Tunes Tuesday”…

This is what I’m bopping along to today. So good. Enjoy.

The Knife – Heartbeats (Rex the Dog Remix)

The Knife are a Swedish electronic duo, featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer.  Heartbeats was released back in 2005, and the video is pretty sweet also.  I can’t get enough of this Rex the Dog remix.

Heading over to the MOMA today with my friend Jillian to check out the Cindy Sherman exhibit!
Followed by happy hour with some buddies. AND it is beautiful out! YAY!

Hope y’all are having a faaaantastic Friday! xo