Tunes Tuesday: Lorde



Nope, not “Royals”… though that song is fantastic.

She is freakin awesome.

… and so is her hair.


Tunes Tuesday: Gatsby Soundtrack | Filter

Is anyone else impatiently counting down the days until the new film adaptation of The Great Gatsby comes out?!

As the soundtrack for the film, (produced by Jay Z) continues to slowly be released, I can hardly contain myself.

The track I’m sharing today:

Filter: Happy Together

The Great Gatsby

You can expect many posts relating to the film in the coming weeks!

Tunes Tuesday: Charly Bliss

This week, I’m excited to share the music of Charly Bliss, an incredibly talented indie-esque band, led by Eva Hendricks.


Eva had come out with an album last year, which I listened to every day on my commute to/from work. She is just so, so talented and has a unique flair to her singing that I love.

Check out these awesome covers, and catch them live in the city!

Sidenote: So, I grew up on a magical street, with two other families. A gaggle of kids always playing, and becoming close friends — so close in fact, that we have become one big family. One of my “neighbor/sister”s is Madeline. Her entire family is incredibly driven and creative… Madeline being an amazing singer and actress; Jessica having founded The Brave Collection (check it out, its a truly inspiring project/collection); their dad, Chuck, being the adventurous chef; and their mom, Dawn, having opened a jewelry store (make that two), Peridot. Peridot has actually been a huge part of my life — learning to appreciate quality jewelry and designers, but also meeting some great people. Eva is Madeline’s cousin, which is how I have come to know Eva! Eva’s mom, MaryEllen happens to be an incredible photographer, and has truly beautiful pieces (one lives in our home!) There will certainly be more mention of the good ol days growing up… including Mary, Tony, Kathleen, Anna and Meg. —

Oh, and the drummer is Eva’s brother, Sam! Is this the coolest family, or what???

Also, fun-fact, that is Madeline in the album art above. How adorable?!

Tunes Tuesday: YesYou

Hey, you!


YesYou has quickly become one of my favorite new musical delights. (Yep, I just used the phrase “musical delights”. Whatssaaaap.)

Their music is sort of like Passion Pit met Foster the People back in their high school days… and, over the years, their love lingered on… and after an appropriate amount of time, they birthed a child. That child being named YesYou. (I’m in a weird mood)

Really though, their music is sick, aaand I love it. It also doesn’t hurt that Jono (half of YesYou) is a total babe.
… and Gav (other half), too!

YesYou – Amsterdam

Check em out, buy their album… just do it.

Tunes Tuesday: Sucré

I discovered one of my new favorite artists, Sucré, on my favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess. Sucré is comprised of the wonderfully talented Stacy King, as well as her husband, Darren King, and Jeremy Larson (Husband of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess).

Photos taken by Elsie Larson.

Songs to check out:
Chemical Reaction
Say Something
When We Were Young

The whole album is incredible! Enjoy!

Tunes Tuesday: Bon Iver

For my birthday, I had gotten tickets to see Bon Iver at Radio City Music Hall!
I hadn’t been there since I was young for their Christmas show… such an amazing space.

The show was beyond incredible… Justin’s voice is, well, beautiful. The  stage set was stellar — burlap-like fabric hanging from the ceiling, with projections of nature scenes adorning them throughout the performance.  Between his voice, the projections, and lighting sequences… the whole experience was perfection.

I went with Abbitron (Abby) and it was definitely a great way to spend a Thursday night.

The day before the show, I had a good laugh while making “memes” of Bon Iver as an Italian. AKA Buono Iver…

I think I’m funny.

Translation: “I eat.”
Translation: “skinny love.”
Translation: “I love the rain.”

One of the most beautiful songs. One of my favorites.

Gah. Amazing.

Happy Tuesday!