Family Holiday Photos


Yet another Non-Film-Friday post…
Those may just become an every-other week thing… Just bein’ real.

I thought I’d share some photos from the holidays!
There are lots more that I absolutely love, but these are the ones I have gotten through so far.















An Evening at the Beach

© Caroline S. Aaron Photography – All rights Reserved

Here are the photos I promised from a few weeks ago!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

P.S. All credit for the portrait of me goes to Elizabeth! Thanks Liz, such a pro.

I’m a Magician.

TODAY, I would like to share some of my…


I consider myself to be a HUGE Photoshop nerd. I mean HUGE.
 The above image is a composite of 5 different photos of the same model! This was a lot of fun to do.

Below are samples of the photo retouching I do  — Check em out!

If you or anyone you know are interested in having a portrait taken, and/or having a photo retouched, (or are interested in just reaching out to say hello), contact me through my website!

Thanks for taking a look! I hope all is well. xo

All Things Wonderful


Last weekend I roamed around with my Hassie in the gorgeous weather, taking some shots here and there.
I went to see the current exhibits at the ICP Museum, which made me realize how much I want to get back into my photography.  The exhibits were really incredible, and I suggest you go check em out. (All but Weegee come down May 6th, so head over there soon!)

The exhibits on display as of right now are:

Weegee: Murder Is My Business
The Loving Story: Photographs by Grey Villet
Perspectives 2012: Anna Shteynshleyger, Greg Girard, Chien-Chi Chang
Magnum Contact Sheets 
… I will be writing a post with more on these exhibits soon! ; )

After the museum, I wound up at Harrison and Kristen’s apartment (my brother and his girlfriend) where Harrison and our friend Eric were stringing up some lights on their spectacular terrace! (But really, it’s spectacular.)
They are hosting a Cinco De Mayo party on their terrace on Saturday, and I can’t wait!

I decided to do a series of diptychs for these photos… ya know, just changing it up!

Enjoy —

                                                                              © Caroline S. Aaron Photography

I went back to visit Syracuse this past weekend for Mayfest (the greatest college experience known to mankind, that actually takes place in April) and I had an amazing time.  Went up with the greatest of friends, and got to see lots of people that I missed SO much.
There have been lots of transitions since I graduated last year, so going back and being around so many people that make me so unbelievably happy was… Euphoric.

I am definitely going through withdrawal right now, missing college, but I definitely have some exciting things to look forward to! (Visiting my friend Anchal next weekend being one of them! YAY!)

I hope you all have been healthy and well… perhaps snapping some photos, also?!

Café Carolina

WELCOME to … Café Carolina!
Because I have had such a great time making all sorts of recipes lately, I decided it would be fun to make my own little café for a night!

After going to Sojourn (a great restaurant on the Upper East Side) for the first time, I fell in love with their Roasted Butternut Squash Salad… and SO, I decided to make it myself!

The sangria is something that I also made for a second time this week when I had some friends over.  Eating the fruit after is of course my favorite part!

Why not try making the salad and sangria yourself?!  I promise you will not be disappointed!


Today I wanted to share some photographs I took last year of various members of my family.

My family means the world to me, and I plan to have a photo of every family member (shot in the way these are) by the end of this year. (First being my dad! I can’t believe I have yet to take his portrait.)
Family, for me, extends beyond blood relation or titles.  All of my friends and relatives make up the large, wonderful family I am proud to call my own.

My Aunt Lynn

My Grandpa Gene

My Aunt Lisa

My Uncle Robert

My Cousin Chloe

My Nana Barbara

My Mom

My Uncle Scott

My Brother’s Girlfriend Kristen

My Grandma Norma

My Cousin Matthew

My “Big Brother” Smitty

My Sister Elizabeth

My Grandpa Henry

My Brother Harrison

Thank you for taking a look! xo

Winter Winds – Portraits

Mumford & Sons — One of my favorite bands
On Christmas day, we have a family tradition of going to our cousins’ house in Rhode Island!
I decided to take some portraits with my baby– I mean, uh, camera.

© Caroline S. Aaron Photography

In order: Chloe, Sean, Kevin, Me (taken by Chloe!), Henry, Shannon, Joe, Tricia, Harrison and Sean, Trees (Yup, that’s what those are.) and Elizabeth

Thanks for taking a look! xo