Wishlist Wednesday: Karl Lagerfeld Watch

ugh. swoon.


Wishlist Wednesday: Graphic Tees

What I’m wishing for this week arrrre… GRAPHIC TEES!

Graphic tees + skinny jeans/maxi dresses/high-waisted skirts/maxi skirts/leather jackets/long necklaces = AWESOME.

Nine West Graphic Tee

Smashing Pumpkins Graphic Tee

Ribs Graphic Tee

From top: Nine West, Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters

My sister Liz gave me the idea for this post! She was telling me how much she’s enjoyed wearing graphic tees lately, and that she has been keeping her eye out for more! I can totally see Liz rocking one with her “party shorts.” Oh yes. So right.

A few weeks ago, I was meeting up with friends to watch the Syracuse basketball game* and was later going to go out for the night. Because I wasn’t going to stop at home in between, I put on my black maxi dress with my suede heeled boots, and then threw an old band tee ontop to make it a bit more casual for during the day. I actually was thrilled by how easy and comfortable I felt all day… and was able to just slip the tee into my bag when we were ready to go out for the night! That whole “transitioning from day to night” thing… I did that. I think that makes me a real person now. Maybe. Yes. Totally.

Are there any graphic tees you’ve been digging lately? Please share! 

*(against Georgetown. Yep, I’m going to go ahead and say that the rivalry has officially been closed… and Cuse will always be on top in my mind!)

Wishlist Wednesday: French Bulldog

One of my greatest aspirations is to eventually move out of the city… and own a doggy!
… Really, though.

I have had a recent obsession with French Bulldogs. Its just something about those ears, the smooshed faces, and the uncanny resemblance to Stitch. My sister bought me the most amazing calendar of French Bulldog pups, and I find myself making those googly-woogly baby voices and sounds every time I see it. Weird.

Plus, what better way to get through the mid-week hump, thaaaan…


P.S. Yes. Yes, I did just use “googly-woogly” as if it were a legitimate term. But be honest, you knew exactly what I was talking about! AmIright?

Wishlist Wednesday: Classic Cars

This week, I’m going BIG. Classic cars that I WISH to have. One day. Maybe. Possibly. 

… It’ll happen. 

1962 Porsche 356, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, 1962 Jaguar XK-E


Am I the only one who thinks “older/classic is better” can (very) often be applied to cars?

…and music?

…and fashion?

Just me? Allllll good.